Friday, September 13, 2013

We Are Alive!!!!

Wow! Well....where have we been... EVERYWHERE and no where and mostly have been buried in our classrooms bursting at the seams with excitement!  Why...finally WE ARE TEACHING PARTNERS!!!  Yes, we know it is more exciting for us then it is for you all, but really it will make our blog more exciting (we promise) and our creative lesson posting more often (we REALLY truly promise).

So what's the FIRST GRADE news around here you ask?  Or we will pretend that you asked, so we will answer!

We are busy "Sock Monkey-ing" around with our new favorite theme of sock monkeys, thank you Trend for such AWESOMENESS!!!  We have a freebie art project on the way so keep checking back in with us!!! We have also adorned our classrooms with Socks and Scooter.  They are our official classroom mascot over sized sock monkeys who will wear costumes to match weekly themes in various subjects.  So exciting!!!!  Pictures soon to follow.

Sock Monkey Love!
Keep On Dancing In Your Teacher Shoes!!
Deanna and Jenelle

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