Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spider Fun in October!

We could not believe it!  A REAL author...a REAL, AMAZING, TALENTED author, Doreen Cronin, has allowed us to use her book Diary of a Spider in our amazing and fun letter and journal writing unit!  We can not sing her praises enough!  She was so kind and we appreciate her generosity SO much!  EEEEEEEE!  In fact, when we received her e-mail giving us permission we both danced around the room jumping up and down like crazy people.  We originally created this unit when we first began selling on TPT but after realizing that we may be infringing Doreen Cronin's copyright of the book we pulled it from our sight.  As we were pulling out our October files to begin planning next month we decided to ask Ms. Cronin if we could post the unit...and she said "YES!"   So it is up and ready for you to purchase and it is perfect for the month of October.  Here is the original post from our blog detailing the unit.

Halloween is just around the corner and while looking through our October files we began to feel a bit pumpkin-ed out by all of our regular go-to activities for the season.  Each year we have done some kind of fun and interactive character activity, such as the Pumpkin Elf or the Candy Corn Bandit. While this has always been a HUGE hit with the kiddos we were feeling the need to try something new.  This gave us the perfect excuse to be creative (otherwise known as "not getting our correcting done during our prep")  One of our favorite book series to use during Writer's Workshop are the Diary of a Worm, Fly, and Spider books by Doreen Cronin.  Being that spiders make the perfect Halloween character, we ran with it and this is the unit that we ended up with!
Keep in mind that while spiders are perfect for Halloween, this unit could really be used at any time of the year to teach all sorts of writing concepts including voice, point of view, friendly letters, diary entries and so much more!

Keep on dancing in your teacher shoes!

Deanna and Jenelle

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