Thursday, December 20, 2012

A FREEBIE Christmas Gift

For many years we gave our students pencils and erasers for Christmas, just to find them lying on the floor after they left.  A few years ago we decided to make a new tradition that focused more on spending time with our students.  We came up with “A Day Off of School...At School!”  Students come in their jammies, we enjoy morning cartoons together, eat donuts, play games, and over all spend a memorable day together.  The day before we give our students the special postcards that tell them about our exciting day and send a quick email to the parents (in case the postcards don’t make it home). It is a simple, fun, free way to create some Christmas spirit in your classroom.  Enjoy! BUT the BEST part is....we get to wear our matching jammies too!!!!

If you would like to grab this freebie just click here.

Keep On Dancing In Your Teacher Shoes!
Deanna and Jenelle


  1. I love the idea of eating doughnuts and playing games. What a fun way to announce it tot he students by sending them a postcard in the mail. I bet they're so excited when they recieve the postcard in the mail.

    The Hive

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