Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun with Babies and Verbs!

Hurray for Baby Day!  I am happy to share this great news with you all!  Jenelle and her family have welcomed baby Bianca into the world this past week!  So excited for all of the pink ruffles and baby cuddles.  Hurray! Hurray!

Unfortunately, even though I am "over the moon" for her and her family...I realized quite quickly this morning that I AM ON MY OWN! Ahhhhh!  What will I ever do without my partner in crime/creative springboard/confidant/best friend!?! This should be an interesting eight weeks!

Since last week was so crazy with Valentine's Day, and 100th Day, and Ash Wednesday, and Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday, and a day off for President's Day yesterday, we decided to teach the same grammar, phonics, and comprehension skills for two weeks.  We are covering irregular verbs in grammar and I was desperately looking for some way to make that sound like the most fun thing my second graders were ever going to do...that's when I came across the "Phineas and Verb" game created by Sublime Speech.  My second graders love the Disney show Phineas and Ferb so what better way to get them pumped! 

Since we were going to spend some extra time on irregular verbs, and I really wanted something non-valentinish hanging in the hallway, I decided to whip up this adorable Ferb/Verb craftivity.  The students cut out the pieces and then wrote the present and past tense of an irregular verb on his shirt!
Swim/Swam  and Deal/Delt
Phineas and Verb Crafitivity

Aren't they so FUN!!! And the kiddos were singing the theme song to the show while they worked!  Priceless!

And one last thing...Here are some of the Valentine's Day art projects that the second graders made last week.  They used little colored magazine squares to make mosaic hearts.  This is one of my favorites because they always turn out so gorgeous!

I've scanned in my pattern for Ferb from our "Phineas and Verb" craftivity below.  Just click and save the .jpg to your desktop and enjoy!

Keep on Dancing in Your Teacher Shoes!
Deanna, Jenelle and Baby Bianca :)

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